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"Very informative and interesting to see what is happening in the electric vehicle industry with respect to utility infrastructure and EV installations."
- Darin Lamont, VP Engineering and Operations, Saint John Energy

"Great speakers…They were much in line with what I wanted to hear. I was able, over the past 2 days, to make very useful new contacts and to continue the necessary cooperative efforts to find cost-effective and pervasive solutions to accelerate infrastructure and roll-out for EV."
- Bill Bryans, VP Electrical Services, Electro-Federation Canada

"Good mix of speakers."
- Meghana Mukerji, Utilities Engineer, Utilities Kingston

"It has been excellent…this conference far exceeded my expectations. All the presentations are very well done. Great job by everyone involved."
- Mubasher Faruki, Chief Instructor, Automotive Programs, BCIT

"Overall very great conference. A lot of intriguing presentations and questions. Pleasantly surprised at speakers, and the knowledge and expertise of presenters and attendees."
- Beverley Ayeni, Energy and Environment Manager, Western University

"Well organized with good opportunities for making networking connections. Social hours are very good opportunities for connections."
- Dave Hurst, Senior Research Analyst, Pike Research

"I am very impressed with the progress the EV movement has made in Canada, and especially Toronto. As a long-time EV advocate, I am encouraged by the inevitability of this technology. The utilities in particular are much more involved and supportive than many in the US."
- Paul Scott, Founding Board Member, Plug-In America

"Excellent presentations. Great insights."
- Andrew Bloomfield, Director, Operations, Enersource

"The conference has lined up speakers of different expertise of both national and international experience. It is a rare occasion that you can hear different areas under one roof."
- Arthur Tai, Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Transportation Ontario

"This was a very interesting, multifaceted seminar/conference. The presenters were experts in their fields."
- John Parrinello, Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure



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ABOUT THIS CONFERENCE: The Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Summit is the second major event of its kind in Canada, bringing together top thought leaders from around the globe to share practical strategies on implementing electric vehicles into sustainable transportation mandates. This prestigious summit provides an exceptional learning opportunity for stakeholders involved in electric vehicle deployment to build knowledge and enhance decision-making. In an exclusive setting, EV practitioners across Canada connect with their peers in a rare opportunity to exchange ideas, best practices, and insights.

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